Nicole Bach: on a mission to empower the modern woman.

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Nicole Bach: on a mission to empower the modern woman.


The first public appearance of a women’s trouser suit dates back to 1890 when Sarah Bernhardt made a statement in one custom made for her. Several decades passed before something like this was released in a designer collection from Marcel Rochas. Fast forward to 1966 and Saint Laurent introduced “Le Smoking” as the first women’s tuxedo: this suit would make headlines when a women was refused entry to a restaurant wearing it, because pants were not socially acceptable. 

Women have a long history of fighting for the same basic rights that men have been granted for centuries. It has taken global wars, multiple waves of feminist movements, and the unwavering efforts of many to get to where we are today. While we have come a long way when it comes to equal rights and opportunities, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done. Gender stereotypes are still deeply engraved into our society and there are a multitude of barriers that are contributing to this issue.

One major topic of conversation surrounding women is how we dress and present ourselves to the world. While women are becoming increasingly present in the workforce, getting educated, starting companies and pushing boundaries across industries, there is still a heavy emphasis on appearance. At the same time, the options available on the mainstream market, when it comes to wardrobe, are limited in sizing, inconsistent in grading, and questionable in quality. The range of creative freedom and the rise of fast fashion resulted in a landscape that compromised fit and quality in exchange for variety and quantity. And while the marketed idea of endless options may appear to be positive, it has left many women feeling overwhelmed and unheard.

When it comes to tailored professional garments, such as suit sets and separates, the standard has been clearly established in the men’s realm. Made to measure and bespoke services are widely available in varying levels of price and quality. There are very clear guidelines regarding appropriate dress code for both professional and business casual settings. The result of these differences has been a large disconnect between how men and women go about building a wardrobe and present themselves. For women, a notable variance has been the additional time and knowledge required to build a wardrobe, that provides both style and function.

Nicole Bach started as a response to witnessing the divide between genders. The solution was already out there, it just needed to be reformatted to speak to the fit and style needs of the modern woman. Large companies have overlooked this concept due to the complexity of women’s body types and varying fit issues, but we felt it was time for equality in access. While there may appear to be a surplus of access to clothing in general, there has been an absence of personalization and quality. This is a transitional time in the world and the conversation around body positivity and inclusive fashion has created an impact. There is a desire for options that speak to more than 15% of the population. The demands and expectations of women in the workforce have been developing as the gender gap closes and we recognize that. Women are unique and we’re celebrating that with a service that speaks to all shapes and sizes.

Made to order clothing offers a variety of benefits, including: personalized style, customized fit, reduced material consumption, and the complete removal of dead stock inventory. While not all custom pieces are intended for daily wear, it’s also worth noting that staple pieces yield a lower cost per wear. There are so many benefits associated with custom clothing, on both a personal and environmental level, and we are on a mission to guide and educate women through the process.

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