When I began to experience acne and dry skin, I decided to look around for a product that could help alleviate my symptoms and control my acne. Naturally, I gravitated to beauty oils because every make-up tutorial I watched began with a beauty oil. I purchased a product labelled “pure rosehip oil” but when I read the label the first ingredient was sunflower oil, I was deeply disappointed.

That is when I decided that I could make a better face oil, something that was pure, organic and elegant.  Surprisingly my legal background prepared me to become the so called chemist I am today. My understanding of the law made it easy to follow cosmetic laws and regulations. Based on that knowledge I chose to avoid the use of chemicals, fragrances and dyes that could lead to irritation and breakouts. - Yalda Shaygy

How Starting My Own Business Saved My Life

Article written by: Yalda Shaygy

When you hear or suspect someone is a victim of domestic violence, you might wonder, “Why don’t they just leave?” The truth is, they think about leaving all the time. But there are many factors that can hinder that choice. These obstacles can include lack of financial resources, support systems, legal resources, and emotional stability. Often times, it takes something extreme to break through these barriers. Something like starting your own business.