Rose Quartz Set

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This perfect pair of Rose Quarts Accessories has your natural skin rejuvenation, packed into one convenient set.  

Our Rose Quartz Roller set aids in firming the skin through gentle massage. Its main functionality is to detoxify your lymphatic system while firming your skin.  The Gua Sha tool assists with de-puffing your face and under eyes. This unique tool helps with brightening complexion by promoting blood circulation. Rose Quartz corresponds to the heart chakra, the energy promotes self-love and heals the heart.

Why you need it

As we age we begin to loose firmness and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. When practicing the use of the Gua Sha, you will experience overall health benefits. It relieves facial and jaw tension while promoting a brighter complexion.

The rose quartz is a crystal with calming properties helping to alleviate anxiety and aids in meditation. Creating a healthy bedtime routine is the key to getting your beauty sleep. 

Before using the roller, apply facial oil or serum onto the skin. This will encourage the product to sink into your skin and allow the roller tool glide across the skin with ease.

Then once a day, roll your face with soft, light pressure—as if you’re barely touching it—in an outward direction.

Stash your roller in the fridge for an extra-chill feel or keep it at room temperature.


Pink and white tones; Rose gold hardware. Due to the natural stone, colour may vary.


What you need to know

This product was ethically sourced. 

Type: Accessory

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