October 28, 2019


written by: @curatedbygn

When summer finally comes to an end, a new season always brings excitement for new opportunities to shake up your wardrobe. Fall is finally here, so let's review some new and exciting fall trends that must be in your closet for 2019. Well, the time has come and we've officially hit fall weather. And shall I say, it's an expensive season. Here are some of the top trends that you'll be seeing all throughout Fall 2019.  


The simplest and easiest way to enhance our work wear attire. Introducing the “belted blazer”. This allows us to enhance the femininity with more shape defining silhouettes. Although, we are still keeping the menswear-inspired looks by incorporating matching sets to this season trend.  


Photo credit: @aritzia

Fall screams out plaid. Plaid for fall is about as groundbreaking as floral for spring. Although, some people may not gravitate towards plaid due to its middle-school uniform attire. It’s about choosing the right plaid based on your style and silhouette. Plaid can work for anyone; it's all about finding the right plaid that is suitable for you.  

 The thing about fashion is that everyone can typically rock pretty much anything but it's about creating and enhancing. To me, fashion is as much about geometry than it is anything else. The challenge is to understand the shapes and sizes that work for us and find fabrics to enhance your body type. 


Photo credit: @loavies 

When I think of Fall weather, I think of extra-long cozy coats. It's all about the ones that hit below the knee (the longer, the better). Stay extra warm this season by incorporating a long drapey coat. Perhaps, a plaid coat, making it a suitable layer over your favorite fall knits. Long jackets can be dressed down or up with heels/booties. 

THE PRAIRIE DRESS [Dark floral patterns] 


This dress has been in style since our Spring/Summer 2019. However, we are keeping the momentum going through fall with darker tone/palettes of this Prairie2 dress style. Tone down the grandmother night-gown vibes by pairing it with a heeled bootie or your favourite loafers.  Chilly out? Grab a denim jacket or even a light cardigan. One and done outfit that you'll never want to take off.  


[Neutral- Green palette]  

Photo credit: @aritzia

These neutrals have been in style since Summer/Spring 2019. Designers like Marc Jacobs/ Sally LA pointe. Pistachio has been known as one of the top colors this season. The soft hue feels fresh, especially for the fall/winter season. This look is good both apparel and accessory forms.   


Photo credit: @aritzia

This bright, fiery red exploded on the New York runaway, showing the wilder side of the winter 2020 colour trends. Perfect colour for an evening dress ( eg. silk) To spice up date night.  

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