La Reyna

November 11, 2019

La Reyna

"an affordable luxury collection of women’s bodysuits built to flatter female bodies." 

When crafting her suits, founder and designer, Kristina Pittam considered the contemporary woman, and the varying figures that make her uniquely beautiful.

"Our bodies have curves in all the right places, and La Reyna garments are designed to fit those curves just right: structured for bust support, seamless wear, and functionality.

- [Founder] Kristina Pittam @wearelivingart


Composed of premium fabrics, La Reyna bodysuits are suitable for long-wear and feature an adjustable closure to accommodate a wide range of torso lengths for ensured comfort.


Sustainable Fashion.

When developing La Reyna, Pittam considered the importance of sustainable as well as ethical production practices. The entire collection is designed and proudly made in Canada.


La Reyna garments are structured for bust support, seamless wear and functionality. A collection of body suits fit for you, fit for a queen. 

The name, La Reyna derives from the Spanish word "la reina" which means "the queen". The design and structure of our body suits are inspired by queen-like figures in contemporary society, women that have been influential in empowering other women. 

Powerful women who have helped develop messages of self-confidence, self-love, body positivity and fearlessness through their platforms. 

Recently, La Reyna was featured the September issue of British Vogue.

In this edition of British Vogue: Forces for Change, La Reyna is mention (13) among twelve other admirable designers.


Kristina Pittam launched La Reyna in November of 2018. She is also the fashion + lifestyle influencer behind WeAreLivingArt. Her passion for the womenswear industry and interest in the e-commerce market lead her to launch her own brand. Since graduating as a Communication Studies major at Wilfrid Laurier University, Kristina has taken on a path of creativity and entrepreneurship as she continuously works on her two businesses that align together. 

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